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Haunted Castle Trail

Kinnitty Castle

Kinnitty Castle is haunted by a relatively newly discovered spirit, a monk called Hugh. While both visitors and staff can testify to his existence, he speaks exclusively to Margaret McCann, a staff member.
"He says that I remind him of someone called Mary Kelleher, though we don't know who she is," Margaret explains. "I'd consider him a friend, though I would be scared of doing wrong by him. But most of the time, he's there while I'm working and it doesn't bother me." Margaret understands that his purpose is to ensure the monks who once inhabited the castle were not forgotten.
"He's also predicted a few events that have come true, like saying that the hotel would be known globally, six weeks before [TV3's] Most Haunted asked if they could film here."

Leap Castle

If you dare, you can visit the most haunted castle in Ireland   Leap Castle certainly is home to many secrets of a dark and mysterious past. Over 400 years ago in what is now known as the “Bloody Chapel” a shocking murder occurred between one brother and his priest brother during high mass.

Because of its extremely bloody history Leap Castle has always had a reputation for being haunted, a reputation so strong local people avoided it at night. Completely gutted by fire, Leap Castle was boarded up and its gates were locked for over 70 years. Locals have described seeing the windows at the top of the castle “light up for a few seconds as if many candles were brought into the room” late at night. The castle laid in ruin for years.

Charleville Forest Castle

Complete with Druid’s Initiation Circle as well as dark, spooky catacombs and a tower that the late Charles Bury, First Earl of Charleville, still walks. Many orbs “ghostly balls of light” have been spotted throughout the castle to remind us all that we are not alone. 

Clonony Castle
This great square ruin of a tower in the middle of Offaly certainly look daunting. It dates back to the 16th century, and has a connection with Anne Boleyn - two of her cousins are buried in a cave beneath the castle. The ghost that people see is known locally as "The Thin Man" standing on top of the tower in old-fashioned dress. His identity remains a mystery, but he is still regularly seen by people at night, who have described a tall, thin, almost skeletal figure, surrounded by a hazy, luminous light.

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