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Donaghmore Workhouse & Agricultural Museum

Workhouse in Co Laois

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Address:Donaghmore, Rathdowney

Donaghmore Workhouse and Agricultural Museum shows how a workhouse would have been in the 1800’s. Donaghmore Workhouse was built to house the most impoverished people of County Laois. It was paid for by taxes on property owners, and made as unattractive as possible and was the place for people who had lost all hope.

Donaghmore Workhouse was opened in 1853, many of the poorest had already perished or had emigrated and those that ended up here lived under grim conditions. Donaghmore Workhouse closed in 1886.

In 1920 the “Black and Tans” used the building as a barracks. In 1927, the Donaghmore Co-Operative Society adapted the workhouse to serve local farmers.

Today committed volunteers bring history to life through the Donaghmore Workhouse and Agricultural Museum.

Opening Times:

Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays) from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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