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Fancroft Mill and Gardens

The Pim Family, Quaker millers, developed Fancroft Mill in the late 1700's.

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Today, after 60 years of deterioration, the fine old water wheel, driven by a tributary of the Little Brosna river, revolves once more. Visitors are guided through the complex where the major conservation project, begun in 2006 by Marcus & Irene Sweeney, nears completion.  A photographic display shows the remarkable transformation from dereliction that has been achieved for this Protected Structure ( OF 320).  The mill is home to a significant colony of bats and in Summer swallows swoop in and out over the wheel, building their nests and then tending the numerous chicks.

The extensive gardens at Fancroft were mainly created in the 1990’s by previous owner Angela Jupe. Serious gardeners revel in a visit to Fancroft but it also holds great appeal for those with an interest in architecture, photography, or wild life while poets, painters and dreamers find in it a haven true peace and beauty in all seasons.

Recent installation of ramps and further paving has increased the number of areas accessible to users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

If requested when arranging a visit, refreshments are provided in the Mill Tea Room. Home baked treats are served, juices and cheeses are sourced locally.  

Facilities: Toilets are accessed through the Tea Rooms.  

             There is ample parking for cars and coaches .


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