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Heartworks (Studio)

Practical art pieces made using reclaimed slate.

Mobile:085 7888264
Phone:057 9322923
Address:Gate Lodge, Charleville Castle, Charleville, Tullamore

Heartworks is a family run business that has been in existence since 1999.Mauricio Martino and Monica Daly of Heartworks, create distinctive clocks, mirrors and picture frames from recycled Irish slate.

Each piece is hand-made in their Tullamore Studio and their designs feature etched patterns and decorative flourishes of metallic paints in earthy rusts, gold and bronze.

Besides the slate mirrors, clocks and picture frames Mauricio has made many different items using recycled slate such as tables, chess tables, book shelves, coasters and place mats, pot stands, wall panels, wall candle holders and night light stands, plant/flower boxes and garden decorative pieces.

Open Monday – Friday .          Commission welcome.

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