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Irish Game and Country Fair

The Fair is the largest Game or Country Fair in the ROI and is twinned with the Irish Game Fair at Shanes Castle, Antrim and the Ballywalter Game & Country Living Fair under the brand The Great Game Fairs of Ireland.

Birr Castle, Birr,Co.Offaly

30th August to 1st September 2013

The Fair is one of three Great Game Fairs Of Ireland. Its partner Fairs, the Irish Game Fair (and Country Lifestyle Festival) at Shanes Castle and the Ballywalter Game & Country Living Fair have demonstrated that the way forward for successful Irish Game Fairs is the organising and delivering of an event with wide family appeal for those who live work or play in the Irish countryside.

Now coming into its sixth year under the management of the Great Game Fairs of Ireland team the fair has grown rapidly and is now recognised as the ROI's national game fair.

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