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About Us

Promoting the county of Offaly around the world.

Offaly Tourism Network will promote the entire county through its website http://www.offalytourism.com

Who is Offaly Tourism Network ?

As the name suggests, we are a network of tourism and leisure businesses in Offaly. We have been in existence since June 2011, following an in-depth course for tourism providers run by Offaly Local Development Company, and hold monthly meetings open to all members. The Network is run on a voluntary basis and is a non-profit organisation. At its most basic it is an electronic list of these businesses, enabling communication with and between them all.

What is Offaly Tourism Network ‘s purpose?

The Tourism Network brings together local tourism providers in order to promote Offaly as a visitor destination. It connects tourism business owners and managers with each other, communicates information and ideas about local tourism opportunities and initiates projects to promote the area to visitors in Ireland and abroad.

The Network promotes County Offaly without boundaries as a distinct, rich and diverse destination with a great deal to offer. We aim to do this through our website www.offalytourism.com which uses collective strength to create large impact.

The Tourism Network will also be represented at Travel & Leisure Shows to promote tourism in the county. The Network aims to work closely with representatives from Offaly County Council and Chambers of Commerce, along with individual participating businesses.

Interested in joining our Network ? How to become a member.

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